About Zarik

Zarik is a fully qualified EFT Practitioner.

After seeing amazing results with himself family and friends Zarik decided in 2020 to offer his EFT skills to the public.

Zarik had a lifelong fear of horses and using EFT he can stand in the same paddock with a tame horse. Before EFT he would not even go near the fence with the horse on the other side!

Zarik had a client who was afraid of making phone calls, just the thought of having to make or take a phone call would churn her stomach. Just one EFT Tapping session and no more phone call stress!

Another client used EFT Tapping to help his anxiety of meeting new people and he now works in the hospitality industry.

EFT Tapping works!

If you suffer stress, PTSD, Anxiety, depression and Phobias EFT works!
Sessions are held either from my council approved home office in Kendenup Western Australia or online.

EFT Tapping can help heal you tap into Freedom from Stress - Anxiety - PTSD & Phobias.


I am also member of the International Association of Therapists and fully insured.