About Zarik

  Zariks qualifications are as follows:

  EFT / TFT Tapping Master Practitioner Certification - Priority Coaching & Consulting - London UK
  EFT / TFT Tapping Practitioner Certification - Priority Coaching & Consulting - London UK
  Certified Professional Life Coach - Transformation Academy - Clearwater Beach, Florida, USA
  Diploma Life Coach Specialty Practitioner (Mindfulness) – Coaching Studies International - Princeton New Jersey, USA

  He is also a member of the International Association of Therapists.

  E.F.T. Works!

  Zarik was a full time house husband for 24 years now his children are adults he is free to follow his other life calling and that is helping
  people where he can.
  Zarik discovered E.F.T. in 2019 and had amazing results with it. So much so he decided to become qualified as a Master Practitioner.

  Zarik had a phobia of horses which after one E.F.T. session was gone! He has used E.F.T. for his other fears and now sleeps peacefully during our winter storms which in times past would keep him anxiously awake.

He has used E.F.T. on others with the same amazing results.

One client had a real fear of making phone calls after just one session, the fear has completely gone and they can make and take phone calls with out fear and the physical distress the fear was causing. Another client had real issues talking to strangers, just one session later and they now work in a very public face to face job with no issues at all E.F.T. really works!


E.F.T. Works!